Should you feel guilty about your Fashion habits?

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Did you know that you are part of the Fashion and Apparel Industry whether you like it or not? Simply because every item in your wardrobe and every new addition, whether it’s brand new or pre-loved, is tied to the industry. Some of us love fashion and shopping – others can take it or leave it. But should you feel guilty about your fashion habits?

Some time ago there was an article in Trendi Magazine by Annamari Vänskä which really resonated with me. This article was talking about how some people say they are not interested in fashion. When actually we are all part of the industry simply because all the clothing we wear is one way or another tied to the industry. It also approached the issue how Fashion as a term is misunderstood as at its core Fashion doesn’t create problems but aims to solve them instead.

I wholeheartedly agree with the author when she says she refuses to call fast fashion Fashion because fast fashion is actually not trying to solve a problem. Only to produce short lived feelings of euphoria and to make people buy yet more new things. The point being about maximising profits, at the expense of the earth.

Fashion is so much more than just cheap clothes and forever changing trends. This is a belief that also lies at the heart of Essential Noir. We create Fashion Essentials to simplify your wardrobe – the ultimate base for all your outfits. Wardrobe staples made to last, designed to become your favourites and created to make you feel fabulous in a true Slow Fashion way.

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

So back to the question should you feel guilty about your fashion habits? Yes, you should if the way you buy clothes is based on cheapness and fast trends. If you find yourself not wearing what you buy, not loving what you buy or only wearing items once or twice or not at all before throwing them away then you should certainly give some thought to the way you shop.

But fear not – it’s not all bad news! Even buying fast fashion doesn’t have to be all that bad! That is if you manage to find items that will last. But do remember to not to buy new items constantly! Nobody needs excessive amounts of clothing. If you love what you buy. If you look after your fashion whether it’s expensive or cheap. If you wear what you buy time and time again and consider the origin and materials of the fashion you buy, then there is no need to feel all that bad about your love of fashion.

Having said that, I know from experience that it can be difficult to find those quality items to make this possible if only shopping fast fashion. After all they are designed to be worn a few times and thrown away to maximise profits for big fashion companies. A quality slow fashion item may seem expensive in comparison to the cheap fast fashion we are all so used to by now. But think about it this way – if you invest in one item that is quality and will last you years rather than replacing the same low-quality cheap item every year you have actually saved money in the long run. As well as helping the environment. And even better, if that slow fashion item is locally produced, you have also supported local jobs! A definite win-win situation!

Be conscious!

Another great way to enjoy fashion with less guilt is buying pre-loved. Often it is the quality fashion that lends itself better for the pre-loved market. After all – without quality it’s difficult to get fashion that would last long enough to be sold and worn as pre-loved!

Don’t feel all that bad about your love of fashion if you practise conscious consumerism! However, if you don’t, now maybe the perfect time to start thinking about your shopping habits and how to make your wardrobe work better for you.