Have you got that (sustainable) Christmas feeling?

Windsor silk dolman

Have you got that Christmas feeling or do you find the Christmas spirit evasive? Christmas – the time of year loved by many but equally loathed by some. Which side do you find yourself on? And how to have a more sustainable eco-friendly Christmas?

I love Christmas – just not the overly commercialised Christmas. I love spending time with the family, I love the food and the Christmas dinner that goes on for hours. I love the traditions and the bright happy eyes of the kids feeling excited about Christmas.

But I don’t like the over commercial pushy side of Christmas. And the push for Christmas shopping seems to start earlier every year! I don’t understand why we should buy lots of, lets be honest here, mainly naff gifts just because the world obsessed with consumerism tells us to. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love giving gifts. Just not when it’s forced upon me. This world is already too full of unsustainable cheap silly stuff for us to have the need to make things worse just for the sake of buying.

Make those presents count

If you can’t get away from buying presents, why not try to make them presents that actually matter. Make them thoughtful gifts. Buy from sustainable and ethical companies and brands, like us (a bit of blatant advertising, yes!). We also found some great eco-friendly Christmas tips for you here . Shop local and small business. That will give those small business owners the best Christmas gift you could ever imagine.  Or maybe give a gift of an experience rather than things. Really think about the person who you are buying for, what they would love and appreciate. What would give them the memories to cherish or give them the item they will love for years.

Is sustainable thinking finally starting to make its way towards Christmas?

Sustainability and climate change have very much been the talk of the past year. But is sustainability finally starting to gain traction even when it comes to the biggest consumer fest of the year – Christmas? Some great thoughts in The Guardian about a greener Christmas – feeling guilty about bins full of wrapping paper and the house cluttered with unwanted gifts that you don’t know what to do with. If you have been this way inclined for a while now people may have labelled you as an odd scrooge before, but maybe now they are slowly starting to see your way of thinking actually does make perfect sense! Sustainable thinking really should go beyond the Christmas presents. There are ways to be more eco-friendly even when it comes to decorations, food and wrapping paper.

Could you have a more eco-friendly Christmas?

For years and years we have been programmed into excessive consumerism when it comes to Christmas but is it finally time to give something back to the earth and curb that consumerism? Is it time to enjoy the finer things about Christmas? And wouldn’t it be great to allow those working in retail to have whole two days off for Christmas to spend with their families and friends? Who needs sales and shopping on a Boxing Day anyway? I’m sure we could survive two days a year of not being able to shop!