Is Local the New Black?

Shop local with Bristih Made Chester round neck top

I keep seeing many people encouraging others to start supporting local when we finally find ourselves in some kind of new normality. Should you shop local? Do you think local should be the new black when we come through this global pandemic? Or do you think the lovely thought will be forgotten just as soon as it emerged when people adjust back to their everyday routines?

Wouldn’t it be great though if supporting local was here to stay? If local truly became the new black and we remembered to shop local whenever we can. If we could find a new normal where we could all work together, change our habits and start supporting more local businesses and local manufacturing. Showing our support to those who create jobs and well-being in the local communities. Whilst being ourselves important part of creating that well-being through our choice of supporting local.

How can you support local?

Independent wrote some tips about how to support your local businesses during the corona-virus lockdown. Many of these do apply even after we return to some form of normality. You shouldn’t forget your support for local once restrictions are lifted either. It’ll still be equally, and some ways even more, important to shop locally (online as well as offline). Buy those products and gift vouchers from local businesses and leave good reviews (if they deserve them of course!).

Why is supporting local so important?

Some great reasons are for example that it’s good for the local economy, helping communities thrive. It helps creating local jobs and encourages local entrepreneurs. It’s also often better for the environment. Supporting local doesn’t only mean supporting your local high-street shops and cafes. It also means supporting local manufacturing by buying products that are locally produced rather than shipped from the other side of the world. The products may be a bit more expensive but are often better quality. And by being better quality they will actually help you save money in the long run. Because you won’t have to buy a replacement as often. This is also good for the environment. Supporting locally produced also helps keeping jobs and, importantly, skills in the country. It also helps communities thrive. You can find more tips and thoughts for example through this link.

How is this relevant to Essential Noir?

After all, we don’t have an actual physical shop on the local high-street that you could visit. But even without bricks and mortar we very much are about local. About supporting local jobs, skills and communities.

Essential Noir started from our desire to keep jobs and skills in the country. From us wanting to offer our customers something better, something with longevity. From us wanting to challenge the cycle of fast fashion and the requirement for cheap disposable clothing that has seen most of the jobs in the industry being moved offshore. This is how our Fashion Essentials range was initially born. Made in Britain from fabric to garment.

We are passionate about or product. A product that is lovingly created with local communities in mind. And we hope you love it as much as we do, as well as see the importance of supporting local.