Style Tips for the Timeless Woman

Essential Noir is very much about Timeless Fashion – But what is Timeless Fashion? How does the timeless woman dress? What do timeless women wear?

Timeless fashion is fashion that will last and look good for years, also tying in with the principles of slow fashion. Timeless woman has her own style and some great classic pieces in her wardrobe. She doesn’t just follow trends blindly.

Timeless Style Tips

What rules should those “Timeless Women” follow when it comes to fashion? We put together a quick list of timeless style tips.

1. Don’t focus on trends because trends come and go. By following trends you’ll end up with an overflowing wardrobe and no defined style. Find your style instead and invest in pieces that reflect your style. Wearing pieces that never go out of fashion and making them an integral part of your simplified wardrobe brings with it the effortlessness that is key for timeless style

2. Avoid sloppy silhouettes – tailored pieces give polish and structure to your wardrobe. A tailored piece in a classic design will never go out of fashion and can be a great building block for different looks and outfits.

3. Stick to classic shoe styles. As appealing as trendy shoes can be (I know!), a timeless woman should always have a selection of really good quality chic classic footwear in their wardrobe. The boot, the pump, the loafer and the trainer that goes with anything and everything and will stand the test of time.

4. Have a go-to outfit formula because a good formula works for a variety of occasions. Working out your go-to outfit formula will be easier once you have discovered your style and streamlined your wardrobe. Timeless women are confident in their style and never have a problem of what to wear.

5. Don’t over-accessorise because wearing too many accessories at once can ruin a look. Instead select a few options that enhance the look.

6. Invest in outerwear. Good quality timeless and versatile outerwear makes any outfit look more expensive. So a quality outerwear piece is a good investment and it’s often the first thing everyone sees.

7. Stick to flattering looks. Know what works for your body type and wear items that are flattering. This is where having your own timeless style works so much better than just following trends. It can be so much more difficult to make whatever the current trend is look flattering when the trend might be completely wrong for your body type. So scarp the trends!

8. Invest in quality Fashion Essentials because good quality basics in neutral colours are great building blocks for any outfit. They are simple garments that you can use to create different looks with. And investing in quality basics means that they will last. White, nude, grey and black are perfect colours for those basics. For black wardrobe essentials check out our collection of British made Fashion Essentials.

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Timeless Fashion and Slow Fashion

Timeless Fashion goes very much hand in hand with Slow Fashion. And slow fashion is at the heart of Essential Noir.

Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion born to counter the unsustainable cycle of Fast Fashion. It considers the processes and resources required to make fashion as well as longevity of the items produced. Slow Fashion is not about producing several collections a year but rather offering well made quality timeless fashion that can be worn for much longer. This makes it the perfect choice for the timeless woman

Slow Fashion pieces are made from better quality and often more sustainable materials. You can find slow fashion pieces more often in smaller (local) shops or directly from smaller brands rather than huge chain stores. Slow fashion often focuses on locally sourced, produced and sold garments. And brands focusing on slow fashion only create few, specific styles per collection. These styles are released only a few times a year and also tend to run for longer. Slow fashion brands, like us, create fashion that is meant to be timeless and long lasting. The building blocks of your timeless style.

“In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic.”