Midlife – It has much to offer, really!

Chester Classic Round Neck Top worn with faux leather skirt and statement jewellery

And we should embrace getting older – even if at times it feels like modern society makes aging very difficult!

I know I’m lucky… I’ve always looked younger than my age but it did take me a long time to admit it out loud! Because there was a time when I wasn’t happy about it as I never looked old enough when it mattered which was frustrating and a nuisance. 

Now that I have entered my 50’s I feel happier in my skin than I ever have. I guess that’s experience which brings wisdom and through this an overall feeling of contentment. I feel I have a new-found youth.

Last year I decided to grow out the blonde highlights I’d been addicted to as my hairdresser constantly reminded me how much white I’d got. So after 12 months of transition I chopped off the remaining blonde and acquired a fringe. Now my hair is completely au natural and an interesting combination of many shades of grey. Never have I had so many comments! Strangers stop me in the street to compliment me. I guess as it’s natural it must suit me.

Being comfortable and confident in your own style. 

After years of making my own clothes, buying chain store basics and hero designer pieces I now feel I have got the balance just right. I never buy something I’m not sure about even if it’s cheap but if I find some piece I fall in love with and can’t stop thinking about then WHAM, I’ll get it come what may! So what I’m saying is when one gets to this comfortable middle age one knows what suits and is unlikely to make an expensive mistake. 

Which brings me to style and confidence.

For many of us it takes a long time to find our own style. We might think that we should follow fashion and wear what the shops target at us but for me that’s never worked. I do pick out certain trends but then often don’t like the complete look that is offered. I just go with what I feel confident in whilst making sure what I choose fits me correctly. It is so important to find the right fitting clothes so it’s a good idea to seek out a brand that suits your figure. Most labels will use regular models to fit their collections on therefore giving continuity from one style to another or one year to the next. I always buy a particular brand of black jean for exactly this reason.

Time and balance – pamper yourself

Hopefully by this stage in your life you have time for yourself and can find the right balance of exercise and focus on your own health. I am very aware of how important it is to maintain muscle tone so have dumb bells in the bedroom and a little program of floor exercises I can do in the morning or evening whenever possible. By fitting in some yoga and a couple of 30 minute runs I really feel the benefit. I always wear our beautiful soft Cromford wrap as a Yoga cover up.

Another great benefit is clearer skin with the reduction of problematic hormones. Here at Essential Noir we love Ermana natural skincare. I use their Renew face oil every evening as I think face oil is more effective at night than a cream. I also love their washable bamboo cleansing pads . Beautiful products without the designer price tag.

As well as Ermana I am a big fan of The Ordinary. With an amazing selection of products and fantastic prices you can try out a selection of different formulations to find the right one for you. After reading up on Retinol I decided I definitely needed it in my life so I gave this a go

I found myself to have improved self confidence and I don’t feel middle-aged, old or tired. Maybe it’s the ability to view your life differently. If your kids have left home you have more freedom and you can make new choices.

Midlife can be fulfilling –take care of yourself or succumb to midlife stereotype- the choice is yours.