How to Create a Wardrobe You Love

Do you ever look at your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed?

Your wardrobe is full, you don’t know what to wear and at the same the you feel like you don’t have enough clothes? But how to create a wardrobe you love, and a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easier and less time consuming? Maybe it’s time to declutter and simplify!

Here’s few handy tips for simplifying your wardrobe:

1. Empty that wardrobe – put items into piles (jeans, shorts, skirts etc). Be ruthless, decide which ones you actually will wear. Which ones are the most versatile and which ones you love the most. Which ones you have actually worn in the last 12 months. Which ones are good quality and likely to last. The rest must go.

2. To create even more space put those winter items in storage for the summer and vice versa. You also get an idea of how many outfits and combinations you are left with for the winter and how any for the summer. Some items may also be interchangeable.

3. The items you decided not to keep you can sell or give away to a charity that would have use for them – avoid just throwing them into a bin if they are in good enough condition for others to wear and enjoy.

4. Organise that wardrobe with all that newly acquired space. Become less sentimental about your clothing and remember to resist the urge to replace the items you have thrown away!

It’s good to have less clothes, to only buy what you love and to invest in some really good quality wardrobe staples. You can find more tips for creating that great wardrobe from this Harper’s Bazaar article

Once you have de-cluttered create the wardrobe you love

To create that perfect Slow Fashion wardrobe you love it’s a good idea to really get to know who you are and learn your personal style. Once you have done this knowing what to buy becomes so much easier.

But remember to be thoughtful when shopping! This means that you should only buy what you truly need, don’t be tempted by fast fashion trends, stick to your style instead! Also remember to consider your lifestyle when buying. Is the item something you need, is it something you will wear, and does it fit in with how you live your life. If you are only buying something to wear once – don’t. If your style is more casual but you need a more formal outfit for one occasion why not think outside the box and rent an outfit rather than buying one, borrow from friends or create a more formal outfit from elements that can be worn more casual when teamed with something else.

It’s always good to invest in a selection of fabulous long-lasting quality Basics to build around. Why? Because good quality basics, like our Fashion Essentials, won’t go out of fashion and will last you for years. They are great building blocks for different outfits and styles. It’s good to have basics in neutral tones, like black, white, nude and grey, in your wardrobe. You can then create outfits that are as edgy or as classic as you like by accessorising, adding scarves, jackets, colour etc.

A good thing to do when you are pondering on whether to buy something or not is to sit back, pause and ask yourself:
  • Do I Love it?
  • Will I wear it?
  • Does it go with what I have in my wardrobe?
  • Is it versatile enough?
  • Is the quality good enough?

Only buy what you love and know you will wear for more than a few times. If you are even slightly uncertain leave it in the shop – you will most likely not wear it.

The key is Your Style – once you’ve figured it out and discovered what you love the rest will follow.

Know your style, Choose well, Buy less, Invest in Quality. And don’t forget to look after what you have bought!