Our Vision

Slow Fashion and supporting British manufacturing lies at the heart of Essential Noir.

Our vision is to create beautiful high quality women’s black clothing and to offer something better – Fashion Made to Last – where the colour does not fade, the seams do not twist and the fabric does not pill or look old and worn after a few washes.

We do not produce fast fashion but timeless quality Fashion Essentials made in Britain

Our Fashion Essentials collection is designed to give you great quality wardrobe staples – items every woman needs in their lives.

Our core product is the perfect black top crafted in the UK from beautifully soft and durable environmentally low impact Lenzing Modal® which is knitted and dyed into the Micro Modal fabic in Leicestershire. This fabric has been carefully selected for its quality and ability to retain its shape and colour as well as ease of care.

As an addition to the Fashion Essentials collection our Limited Edition collection offers The Unique pieces for your wardrobe – Small runs of Exclusive Designs crafted from carefully selected fabrics – often also using end of roll or limited availability fabrics.

Simple – Timeless – Classic – Modern – the principles Essential Noir was born from to support British manufacturing and the slow fashion movement giving you great quality fashion – items that will become your wardrobe favourites to accompany you for years to come.

All Essential Noir designs are manufactured in the UK using British made fabrics wherever possible.

We hope that you love our products as much as we do and will return for more as our collection grows.

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The Derby Clutch


Fashion Essentials

Edensor Built Up Shoulder Vest


Fashion Essentials

Cambridge Boat Neck Top


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"What are fashion retailers doing to combat environmental costs?" a blog post that made me ponder on some of the issues raised in it. - "But while the fashion industry is undoubtedly a thriving industry, there is a much bigger price to pay for the privilege of fast and affordable fashion. According to a 2017 report – ‘A New Textiles Economy’ – by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, clothing production approximately doubled from 2000-2015, and yet, the average number of times a garment is worn before it stops being used has decreased by 36%. An estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing was sent to landfill sites in 2018. ...But is the industry actually taking responsibility? And what are retailers doing to help the situation?" (econsultancy.com) - Is it a real solution to offer discount vouchers to people bringing back old unwanted clothes? Surely that just encourages the continuous cycle of fast fashion and does not actually reduce the amount of clothes manufactured and bought. How can that really be sustainable? And where do the clothes you take back end up eventually? - If the big retailers don't truly make a change and change their business models will introducing few sustainable collections and changing some packaging make them actually sustainable? Or is this just Greenwashing? Every little effort must help but there is still a long way to go. Unless there is a true change in practices not awfully lot is going to change. Consumers are beginning to change the way they are thinking but will this prompt real change from fast fashion retailers? ... ... ... #essentialnoir_uk #essentialnoir #essentialnoirstyle #slowfashion #fashionessentials #fashion #womensfashion #instafashion #honestfashion #fashionblogger #sustainablefashionblogger #fairfashionblogger #slowfashionblogger #madeinengland #madeinbritain #britishmanufacturing #transseasonal #madetolast #style #timeless #sustainablefashion #fairfashion #ethicalfashion #greenwashing #slowfashionrevolution