How Sustainability works for Essential Noir

How Sustainability works for Essential Noir


Good product retains customers.

Empowers the shopper by giving them the feel good factor knowing the selling points of our product.

Our products are the opposite of the ‘fast fashion’ habit –currently getting lots of negative press.


In this world of fast fashion consumers are increasingly becoming aware and concerned of the downfalls of this out of control trend.  The young possibly do not know any different but anyone over 30 will understand how the quality of high street fashion has changed dramatically in the past decade. Well known brands have down graded products to enable them to produce cheaper garments thus encouraging us all to buy more clothing than we actually need! Figures suggest the UK discarded 300,000 tons of clothing last year, which ended up in landfill.

As avid frugal clothes shoppers we both have always bought items that we truly love and often boasting to each other how old an item is! 10 or 15-year-old clothing is not rare for us. Buying good quality classic items and not making those mistakes of buying a cheap quick fix item you’d only wear a handful of times has always come naturally to us.

This is why we searched the country for the perfect fabric for our Fashion Essential tops. Our customers have come to appreciate the longevity of their purchases noticing the pieces they buy keep looking as good as new for years to come. This encourages them to update and add to their Essential Noir collection when new styles are available. They know they are making a wise reliable purchase, which won’t let them down.

Carbon footprint and environmental impact is also a positive factor with our brand. Starting life as European beech trees the wood pulp is spun into modal yarn in Austria before being turned into knitted fabric in Leicester where it is also dyed in the same factory. The fabric is then cut and made into finished garments in that very same factory or in an alternative factory in Yorkshire. We feel that supporting UK factories is of utmost importance and with the current trend for UK manufacturing on the rise creating local jobs and reintroducing skills that had almost been lost over the last 25 years.

Our fabric is soft and comfortable, easy to wash, quick drying and if hung to dry will most likely not need ironing. Ours truly is an easy care product which you will find becomes a wardrobe favourite. Dressed up or down our essential tops are extremely wearable and versatile as you can see here

We are excited to share with you our next steps which are to collaborate with local artisans creating exclusive accessories to compliment our brand. These items will also be UK designed, sourced and produced. All our products are honest and consciously priced in turn paying the makers and suppliers a fair price therefore supporting their future to retain their business and growth. This enables our customers to be paying a realistic price which is not deliberately inflated to allow items to be discounted by 50-70%.

Ours is a true honest product difficult to compare on the High Street.