5 Ways Sustainability Can Benefit A Brand

5 Ways Sustainability Can Benefit A Brand

Fashion world and consumers alike are finally starting to wake up to the environmental cost of fast fashion – but here is still a long way to go for both brands and their customers to embrace sustainability and the concept of slow fashion. Slow Fashion is something we strongly believe in at Essential Noir and our collection is designed to offer transseasonal quality British made products as you can see here www.essentialnoir.co.uk/collection/

Fast fashion doesn’t only cost the environment it also costs local communities in terms of jobs and skills. Buying less and better quality is good practice all around.

Sustainability can sound like a lot of effort for reduced profits but there are plenty of clear benefits for a brand from sustainable practises. Here’s just five examples of how sustainability can benefit a brand.


  1. Improved Brand Image

Positioning yourself as a forward-thinking brand – more and more consumers are becoming aware of issues around environment and sustainability as well as quality of the products they are buying and the human and environmental cost of producing and shipping them. Being seen as brand that does good and is considerate of humanity and the environment and actively support their communities is going to make consumers see you in a good light. Encouraging and making choices within your brand that conserve resources and help local communities is going to improve brand awareness but also engage on a deeper level with employees and customers alike as well as their families and beyond. Make sure that you deliver on what you preach and fulfil your promises though – the negative impact of not following your own ethos and being caught out can be very long lasting and damaging to your brand!


  1. Attracting Investors

Again positioning yourself as a forward thinking brand and delivering on your promises will make investors see you a brand of the future – generating profits for them as well as yourself.


  1. Increasing productivity and reducing costs

You might question how but if you take a moment to think about it you’ll realise that adapting sustainable business practises does lend itself to efficient and streamlined operations which helps increase productivity, conserve resources and decrease costs. This does also include energy saving strategies – which can be as simple as turning off unnecessary lights or switching your computers and printers off to more complex and initially costly efforts.


  1. Ease of dealing with your supply chain

When you manufacture locally contact and visits with your supply chain are far less complex and expensive. It is also easier to make sure that you are happy with the working conditions and feel that the workers are getting a fair wage for their work – this in turn will ensure that when you promote your brand for sustainability and fair and honest products – you in reality do actually know the conditions your products are manufactured in. Local production also has a nicely reducing effect on carbon footprint as well as increasing effect on jobs and skills within the local communities – something that adds to your sustainability record.


  1. Increase business ability to comply with regulation

When sustainability has been on your agenda from the word go it’s not going to be an overwhelming task to ensure your brand follows the sustainability regulations that undoubtedly will start emerging at a faster pace as governments get to grips with the problems and ever-increasing discussion around environmental impact, climate change and dwindling energy resources.


Sustainability very much is the future of business – don’t be too late in joining the movement at a cost to your brand and business.