Essential Noir Customers to Benefit from Collaborations with Ermana Skincare and Carolyn Codd Jewellery

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Here at Essential Noir we are very pleased to have secured collaborations with two fabulous British brands – Ermana Natural Skincare and Carolyn Codd Jewellery. As an Essential Noir customer you will benefit from these collaborations by receiving your own personal voucher codes with every Essential Noir order.

Ermana Natural Skincare is kindly offering 20% off from all Ermana products to all Essential Noir customers and Carolyn Codd Jewellery is offering 15% off from all silver jewellery to all Essential Noir customers.

Ermana natural skincare logo

Who is Ermana Skincare?

We wanted to collaborate with Ermana Skincare because they are a British business with similar ethos to ours. We believe Ermana is a brand that will resonate with and be of interest to our customers and add value to Essential Noir products.

Soothe Mama Gift Set

Soothe Mama Gift Set

How does Ermana describe themselves?

 “As we become more conscious of what we put into our body, Ermana’s ethos is to show as much concern for what we put on our body. Ermana products use high quality natural and organic ingredients using the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Our range includes face oils for both men and women, body oils, lotions, washes and balms and we also cater for expectant mums with our Soothe Mama oil and balm.

We use UK based suppliers for all our ingredients, packaging, bottles and jars as we believe in the growth and promotion of local businesses.”

Claire says she created Ermana due to her own problems with sensitive skin. She tried many skincare brands over the years and found that some caused her skin to react badly and to flare up. She learned that this was due to the various additives and preservatives that companies used to make their products. Claire then researched in depth into natural skin and body care treatment ending up giving friends and family products as gifts, and receiving some great feedback. She also discovered that her own skin reacted well to natural ingredients and had never looked better. This in turn encouraged Claire to learn more about product ingredients and how they affect the skin and go back to college in her spare time to study anatomy and physiology, aromatherapy and natural skincare.

According to Claire the name Ermana has been taken from the Spanish word for sister and for Claire seemed like the perfect name due to the continuous support and encouragement from her sister.

Claire is working together with her husband James on Ermana with a mission to provide natural, healthy skincare products for people who want to know exactly what they are putting on their body.

All Ermana products have undergone full cosmetic testing without using animals and are hand-blended in the UK and are made in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as possible. (source )

Ermana Fresh Foot Balm jar

Fresh Foot Balm

To find out more about Ermana and their products see their website

Carolyn Codd Jewellery logo

Who is Carolyn Codd Jewellery?

A Family run business located in Nottingham in the Midlands Carolyn Codd Jewellery shares similar values, as well as location, to Essential Noir and we are very pleased they were happy to collaborate with us.

Collette Waudby Mavilo Bangle

Collette Waudby Mavilo Bangle

How does Carolyn Codd Jewellery describe themselves?

Carolyn Codd is a family run professional jewellers with the finest quality in mind. They are independent designers and creators of fine bespoke jewellery. Based in Nottingham City Centre, their on-site workshop offers a complete bespoke service, inspired by you and always at a great price.

Carolyn Codd Jewellery has a large collection of precious jewellery in-store, but they also have their bespoke service and a wealth of enthusiasm and expert knowledge. To have a piece designed especially will not cost any more than a piece from the shelf, as they do not charge for their design service.

The way Carolyn Codd jewellery is made and constructed is of paramount importance. They specialise in hand fabrication, which means forging a piece by hand, without the use of CAD, wax models, casting or prefabricated pieces of any kind.

As an independent family-run business Carolyn Codd Jewellery believes in offering the best value, the best quality and the best experience possible. 

The materials Carolyn Codd Jewellery use are sourced from only reputable companies and merchants therefore their diamonds and other fine gemstones are conflict free. The metals used are a much higher standard than what is generally found due to their extensive research and experience. Carolyn Codd Jewellery have adopted a rigorous selection and testing process of their metals therefore giving you a bespoke piece that will not only last a lifetime but generations to come. The diamonds and coloured gemstones Carolyn Codd Jewellery select are only of the finest quality and have been hand selected by their qualified experts.  

Carolyn Codd Jewellery is a truly family-run business. Each member of their team has a unique set of skills which are hugely varied and nurtured. They are dedicated to learning and self improvement and are constantly refining their skills and re-inventing their manufacturing processes using both traditional and modern practices simultaneously therefore ensuring their jewellery is not only unique but innovative. (source )

Collette Waudby Lilium Small Calla Lily Drop Earrings

Collette Waudby Lilium Small Calla Lily Drop Earrings

To find out more about Carolyn Codd Jewellery and their products see their website

To get your own Ermana skincare and Carolyn Codd Jewellery vouchers shop your favourite Essential Noir items from our collection