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We are pleased to share with you a guest blog from the fabulous award winning Personal Stylist Lisa Talbot

Which style personality do you identify with? For me it’s definitely The Natural mixed with The Classic – a bit like the Essential Noir collection!

Hope you Lisa’s blog on Style Personalities as much as we did!

Style Personalities

This is such an exciting topic which will really help you understand why you not only dress like you do but why you like the styles, fabrics, prints etc that you do……it really helps you when shopping for yourselves and allowing you to break outside a comfort zone.

Understanding your Style personalities has huge benefits for many ladies who find shopping a little like ‘rabbit in the head lights’, it really is an understanding to an individual of why you like the things you do and it really does give you far more freedom to try new styles, colours, fabrics, prints & accessories if you feel it is not too far out of your comfort zone. There is no ridigity to this but far more flexibility.

In some occasions knowing a style personality unearths a hidden personality that may have been slightly lost due to lifestyle changes e.g.;marriage, children, separation, new job etc so you can really ignite the excitement for clothes back into a ladies life with these.

Style personalities are really just a great guide to assist an individual when hitting the shops, it really helps hone in on fabrics, colours, prints, styles of garments and accessories and it really works to tease you out of your comfort zone. High street stores are fabulous for the trends so knowing your style personality will allow a woman to take the plunge and pop into different stores to view their collections.

I would always recommend prior to any visit to the shops a quick review of an existing wardrobe works wonders to focus the mind on what is needed rather than buying unnecessarily which is not cost effective. See if you can see yourself in the Style Personalities, you can be more than one, switch from one to another, please do use this as just a guide;

The Natural
  • Your Look – casual, sporty, informal, friendly, comfort over fashion
  • Design line – comfortable, t.shirts, long cardigans, jeans, jersey
  • Fabrics – natural woven, soft knits, linen, suede, leather, denim, corduroy
The Natural style personality
The Natural
The Dramatic ( Quirky ) – Rita Ora
  • Your Look – elegant, assertive, confident, unruffled, stunning
  • Design line – stark, sculptured, asymmetrical, bold colours
  • Fabrics – silk, satin, velvet, metallic thread
The Dramatic ( Quirky ) style personality – Rita Ora
The Dramatic ( Quirky ) – Rita Ora
The Classic – Audrey Hepburn
  • Your Look – traditional, conservative, tailored, timeless
  • Design line – softly tailored, same-y
  • Fabrics – high quality, cashmere, tweeds, herringbone
The Classic style personality – Audrey Hepburn
The Classic – Audrey Hepburn
The Feminine – Marilyn Monroe
  • Your Look – pretty, ladylike, romantic, demure, graceful
  • Design line – sweetheart necklines, soft bows, gathers
  • Fabrics – knits, wools, lace, silk, jersey, chiffon
The Feminine style personality – Marilyn Monroe
The Feminine – Marilyn Monroe
The Artistic – Vivienne Westwood
  • Your Look – fashion is an art, need to make a statement, adventurous, creative
  • Design line – dramatic, often a fashion setter/designer
  • Fabrics – novelty tweeds, natural, tapestry
The Artistic style personality – Vivienne Westwood
The Artistic – Vivienne Westwood

Lots of love

Lisa xx