Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Winster Polo Neck

Travelling for me is the ultimate source of inspiration. Wherever one finds oneself in the world there are so many different styles of everything. Architecture and cuisine are noticeably top of the list but I love all the tiny details that the locals probably don’t even think about. Like the way a notebook gets wrapped by Il Papiro Florence or the presentation of macaroons with your coffee at Ladurée in Paris. Where do you find your inspiration? Do you like to travel and see and experience new things?

A designer soaks up everything around them. The weather, the buildings, cafes, businessmen and women walking to work. A glance through huge doorways and their impressive door knockers with patios hidden behind . I always have a little notebook with me so I can sketch down an idea or make a note of a detail. Even looking at how a garment is put together, the way a pocket is hidden in a seam or a cleverly concealed button. Beautiful crisp hand stitched Artisan leather accessories in Bruges inspired us to create our gorgeous Derby clutch.

Travelling broadens the mind if you keep your mind open

I love shops that specialise in one particular item. Carrying every kind of style and therefore something to please most tastes- young or old, traditional or modern. I remember an umbrella shop in Girona, A hosiery shop in Valencia, a glove shop in Rome. Here in the UK we are not so used to specific shops. We are used to that one destination stop for almost everything for clothing to home ware. I find it such a pleasure to peruse and examine the variety of styles.  

It is a breath of fresh air for me to jump on a plane to stay with friends and explore their area. The back streets of big cities that tourists don’t frequent are a great incite. I remember the old streets of Malaga. Even though I have flown there many times I have always bypassed the city to my intended destination. What a lovely surprise when I did stay in the old town with a girlfriend for a long weekend. People spilling outside a sherry bar where your chosen drink is poured direct from the barrel or the beautiful El Pimpi where you can eat tapas inside or out. We stayed in the beautiful Posada del Patio in the historical centre close to the Picasso museum.

It is a joy to explore unfamiliar boutiques with a good variety of styles. We adored The 9 streets area in Amsterdam, absolutely bursting with small designer and vintage shops. Individual style and distinctive touches, we were in our element. 

So to travel is to see outside the box. Travelling is great for inspiration. A fresh eye on all things new, interesting surroundings and unfamiliar neighbourhoods gets the creative juices flowing giving endless inspiration.