Essential Noir now available in Oxford

Essential Noir now available in Oxford

From September 2017 your favourite Essential Noir everyday essentials have been available from a lovely little new boutique Barley Oxford on North Parade in Oxford. As well as Essential Noir they also stock other great little independent brands.

Barley Oxford was formed as a result of the homogenisation of the British high street. Every town has the same multi national franchises and retail outlets with the result of local
creativity and quality workmanship quickly becoming a thing of the past. Barley Oxford wanted to support independent and British manufactured designers, giving them a high street presence without the high costs and investment risks of opening their own one brand boutique.

They prioritise ethically sourced, independently made products and, most important, those who don’t forego quality to compete in a market that celebrates cheap, disposable clothing,
often manufactured overseas in harsh conditions shoppers are happy to ignore just to get a bigger discount.

Design and quality are important to Barley Oxford shoppers, who aren’t all aware of the ethics behind the brand. And Barley Oxford is thrilled to able to offer customers a wide selection of elegant, limited edition seasonal collections that set them apart from everyone else on the high street!

Essential Noir and Barley Oxford are the perfect match and we at Essential Noir are absolutely thrilled to be a member brand of this fabulous new boutique. If you are in or around Oxford don’t forget to pop in and have a look!