Do We Need a Change?

Did you know that it was Fashion Revolution Week at the end of April where people were raising awareness on more sustainable fashion, looking for change and asking their favourite brands the important question of Who Made My Clothes? So in the spirit of Fashion Revolution we wanted to share with you a bit more about our values here at Essential Noir.

We have always naturally bought timeless fashion and worn the items we have bought for years. But before creating Essential Noir we didn’t consciously think about the origin of the clothes we were buying all that much. Creating the brand and looking more closely into sustainability in fashion has really opened our eyes to the problems around the industry where too much cheap poor quality fast fashion is produced and this fashion then ends up in landfills in massive quantities. Stacey Dooleys documentary fashions dirty secrets was truly a shocking revelation into the unsustainable practices of a fashion industry making clothes for western consumers without any consideration towards the environmental impact of their actions.

Quality is the Key

So when we created Essential Noir quality was the key for us. Because without quality you can’t have true slow fashion. We believe that without quality you can’t have truly sustainable fashion. Without quality the items won’t last. And you do want quality from your wardrobe staples! Because you want to be able to wear them time and time again. Our Fashion Essentials Black tops are manufactured from the environmentally low impact  Lenzing Modal® yarn which is the knitted and dyed into the beautifully soft and durable fabric in Leicestershire in the UK.

How Can We Help Communities Thrive?

Another truly important key element for us is manufacturing in the UK. We feel it’s crucially important to support local, to retain jobs and skills in the country, supporting local is needed to help communities thrive. It is also one of the few ways to be sure of the working conditions of the people making your clothes.

One could argue that we are running a fashion business, therefore we need to make money by selling fashion. This is true – however our approach to this is different. Our business model is different. Our aim is not to produce silly quantities of fast fashion in ever increasing cycles to gain ever increasing profits. Silly quantities that will then constantly need to be discounted to be sold as there is simply too much produced. We don’t believe in constant discounts. We don’t believe in overproducing. We don’t believe in de-valuing our product. We believe in the value of a quality timeless item. Our focus is in slow fashion. Producing less but quality. And yes, we can still make a living by doing this.

Do We Need a Change?

So do we need a change? Yes, we do believe there needs to be a change towards more sustainable fashion. A change in the way fashion is produced, the way we buy fashion and view fashion and ultimately what we have in our wardrobes. Buying less makes it easier to save and invest in fewer quality items, buying less is also better for the future of the planet. Buying locally produced when you do buy is also better for the environment as well as for those little local brands and shops that make a thriving community.

These are some of the things we believe in and we hope that you share our views, value our ethos and will join us on the journey of change for fashion.