A Moment with Sophie Blake

A moment with Sophie Blake to chat about slow fashion. Sophie wearing London wrap top

Here at Essential Noir we are proud and more than excited about our collaboration with the TV presenter, reporter, former model and mum Sophie Blake to raise awareness of slow fashion and a more sustainable way forward.

This all got off the ground as we started chatting with Sophie and realised we had shared views and values regarding fashion and the need for change to save our planet and create a better future for us and our children and grandchildren.

So we asked Sophie to share some of her thoughts and views with you.

What are your thoughts on slow fashion and moving towards more sustainable fashion?

The subject of the environment has recently become a big thing in our household.  My 12 year daughter and her friends have become very aware of the destructive ways we as humans live and the negative impact it is having on the planet. The protest climate marches have really ignited a passion in them and has inspired us to think a lot about how we as a family can make changes to the way we live and the impact that we have on the world around us. To be honest, fashion wasn’t one of the first things I immediately thought about when making these changes. However, I was shocked when I saw a piece on the news about cheap disposable fashion and “Insta fashion” , about how many people nowadays buy clothing to only wear once and then discard them where they then end up in landfill. Fast fashion is such a major contributor to greenhouse gasses and pollution, it really made me think about the throwaway culture. I’ve been guilty of not getting enough wear with items of clothing or buying clothing that falls apart after a few washes. I wanted to be more aware of what I was buying and to invest in quality rather than quantity. Also supporting local businesses is a big positive and knowing that the clothes aren’t being made unethically in sweatshops and in dire working conditions where people can be exploited. I really liked the idea of slow fashion and investing in timeless classic versatile clothing. 

Why do you think changing the way we view fashion is important?

I believe that the way we view fashion and peoples shopping habits will slowly start to change. The same way the damaging use of plastic straws, takeaway coffee cups, plastic bags and the over use of packaging etc has been highlighted, consumers are becoming more concerned about how and where their clothing is being made and the impact it has on the environment. BBC’s Blue Planet also highlighted the devastating pollution caused by microfibres and people are starting to ask questions, especially the younger generation. Buying less clothing that is sustainably made can only be a positive thing.

What caught your attention about Essential Noir?

When I first saw the Essential Noir collection online I was not only very impressed with the brands ethos, but I also loved the look of the clothing. I’ve always preferred the more stylish classic look rather than following “on trend” fashion so the styles really stood out and appealed to me. And who doesn’t love a black top?! The fact that all the clothing is made in Britain and supports local manufacturing is a massive plus. I love to support small local businesses, so it felt right to get involved. 

How did you find the Essential Noir tops when you tried them on and photographed them?

As soon as I felt the clothing I loved the feel of the jersey micro modal fabric, it was so soft! All the tops are so comfortable which is important to me and they’re really flattering on. They sit really well, wash well and look great dressed up or down. They get a lot of compliments too which is nice! 

Which ones were your favourites?

That’s a tough one! I love the London Sleeveless wrap over top as it’s so versatile and works with so many different looks. I also really like the neck line on the Cambridge boat neck top with its 3/4 sleeves and the classic Matlock V-neck top. 

Thank you Sophie, it’s been fabulous working with you!

If you want to see all the stunning collab pictures taken by Pascale Le Jeune head to our social media.